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All about me

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

I thought it would be best to write a little bit about me, and hopefully abate some of the anxiety about meeting a therapist for the first time. I know how daunting it can feel when you are meeting someone where some of the expectation is to be as articulate and perfect as possible when describing an often very personal, difficult to put into words, difficulty. is a bit about me which I hope to reduce any fear you have..

I have been working in mental health for almost a decade. From working as a temp administrative secretary in an adolescent mental health setting (surrounded by lots of therapists who very much knew what they were doing, well they looked like they did), to now a fully fledged therapist myself. How time has flown. From a support worker role in a Forensic inpatient unit, to a fully qualified mental health nurse working with acute patients in an inpatient ward, to a community psychiatric nurse, to now. A qualified CBT therapist working both privately and for the wonderful NHS. Oh, and I got married, and had a baby all in that time too. Yikes. When put on paper it really can look like a lot. If someone told me that this might all happen, within 10 years, I would have said "never in a million years".

There is a reason for me sharing this...I came through a lot of hard times, stresses, challenges where I thought all of those nasty negative thoughts. BUT, I did it, and yes I had amazing support but ultimately it was down to me to succeed. If anyone has any thoughts or concerns about achieving their goals in therapy, read my journey here and see that I have some, not all, but some experience in how to look forward and win at this game called life.

I wanted to share the above to highlight the most important part of therapy. The human part. The warmth, the empathy, the ability to laugh at ourselves when we really don't feel strong. The ability to cry, show vulnerabilities, and be honest with ourselves about what is happening. If you choose me to share that with, I feel honored and respected as the person you chose. Lets get you on your journey....

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